Our Mission

At Definitive Concept R&D, we are a company that delivers the strongest customer service and stands as an example for organic growth. We want you to feel the same sense of pride in our products that we do. We work hard to ensure the D/C badge represents a mark of quality on everything that wears it.


We'll make that thing you need.

DefCon R&D is the brainchild of an engineer, a hobbyist, and a creative problem-solver...who is loved very much by his wife.

Bergen likes making things, and he's good at it. With a background in 3D CAD, he has encountered a need for rapid prototyping and specialty parts. He will go to great lengths to make sure that you're happy with the quality of your purchase. He is supported by a team of professionals and has a wide network to back him up.

He also likes motorcycles, mountain biking and camping, and is often heard quoting Star Trek and the X-Files.